FHIR Consulting

FHIR Consulting Services

BestRaY has a strong FHIR Consultancy practice. We assist our clients from conceptualizing to implementation of FHIR Solutions. This includes Technical Insights, Project Design, Training on iFHIR Simulation Engine to Key-executives of Healthcare organizations.

We undertake following actionable activities:

  • Brainstorming on Conference Room Pilots (CRP)
  • Staff Augmentation to help on FHIR Project environment setup and execution
  • SMART on FHIR setup and project development
  • Configuring HAPI FHIR RESTful Server and execution
  • API development to integrate with EHR systems
  • Training your team on FHIR specifications, Profiles, Maturity models etc
  • Mapping common FHIR data elements to HL7, CCD or database fields
  • Testing your application with different available FHIR servers
  • Data Conversion to FHIR standards with data input from HL7, CCD, flat files etc.
  • Clinical terminology (SnoMed, RxNorm, ICD, LOINC etc) mapping with FHIR data elements
  • FHIR integration with interface engine such as MirthConnect, Ensemble etc

Our technical team has expertise on developing FHIR solutions using

  • Java, Node.js, Express.js, Angular.js
  • MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

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