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FHIR Training ( Using Our Product iFHIR )

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is new and latest buzz-word in Healthcare arena. It’s advantages like holistic-care through interoperability are significantly impressive – that triggers healthcare organizations and it’s key-executives heading towards it.

BestRaY has gained thousands of hours of FHIR Consulting experience and developed a Simulation Engine, called iFHIR; for you to practice before working on real-time production FHIR environment.

iFHIR is a FHIR simulation engine having graphical representation of FHIR components as Data Types, Resources, Extensions, Profiles etc. This helps a better visualization using which learners find easy to build and experience the real power of FHIR.

Our iFHIR Webinar attendees includes many CEOs, MDs, CMOs, VPs, Product Managers and Implementers from Healthcare Industry. Visualizing how FHIR will be incorporated in the Healthcare Ecosystem, you can start with making your hands dirty by building the FHIR components using iFHIR.

We welcome you to our next session of iFHIR.

What you will build using the iFHIR?

1. Build Data Types

  • Primitive, Complex, User Defined

2. Build Resources

  • Patient, Practitioner, AllergyIntolerence etc

3. FHIR Extensions & Slicing

4. HAPI FHIR & RESTful Web Services

5. Build Profiles

  • Vital Sign Profile, Allergyintolerance etc

6. Testing with HL7 Input

7. Practice Session

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