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Give your patients an Electronic Smile

B-Dental is a function-rich dental-solution which has features to manage Patient Demographics, Scheduling, Auto Alert, Medical and Dental History, Treatment Plan, Case Reports and Statistics.

It is highly scalable and configurable to manage dental-practices having a growing patient population. It’s Decision Support System (DSS) capabilities helps to enhance care quality through it’s securely stored data, associated analytics and on-time information accessibility.


myEMRCare is an integrated Electronic Medical Record Application used by leading hospitals and clinics for smooth & paperless operation. It automates all aspects of hospital’s functionalities like Patient Registration, In-patient & Out-patient Scheduling, Admission, Bed Allocation, Billing and Discharge. myEMRCare is dependable for quality-healthCare as it helps improve on-time accessibility of Patient-data, reduces redundancy of tests, enables information sharing among departments and hospitals, also enhances communication between hospitals and patients. Eventually it enhances revenue generation for hospitals.

myEMRCare is widely adapted by many leading hospitals as it is reliable, scalable and user-friendly. It has low learning-curve, hence even non-IT health-practitioners can adapt it faster.


Make your LAB, a Modern Laboratory with B-LAB.

B-LAB is an integrated online application used by single-location, single-laboratory to a multi-location laboratory-chain. It automates lab-operations and helps accommodating more patients by a quicker Turn Around Time. It provides Lab Reports and diagnostic results electronically, to both patients and rendering doctors.

B-LAB reduces redundant-tests and saves patient from inconveniences w.r.t. time and money. It’s feature-rich, highly customizable, and scalable functionalities accommodate varieties of patient-workflow. It can adopt government policies and procedures with ease, and integrate them onto the system.


B-Nirog provides technology foundation for managing Electronic Health Data in the cloud and make it accessible anywhere at the time of need. So it enables easy data sharing and receiving medical guidance from different hospitals and doctors.

These health records can be kept to an extent of uploading medical history of a patient which includes Prescriptions, X-rays, CT-Scans and any other health related documents

B-Nirog tracks Vital Signs, Diagnosis, Medication, Procedure, Allergies, Vaccination, Medical Notes, Medical History, Growth Chart, BMI, Health Education etc. These helps medical fraternity to take quick and accurate decisions during the course of treatment. It can raise alerts for specific health issues as may be needed by either patients or doctor


BestRaY-ERP an ERP solution, the flagship product from BestRaY Infotech, can manage information management needs of enterprises operating in diverse business segments ranging from a single-location, single-service operations to multi-location, multi-services, multi-division operations. BestRaY-ERP is able to integrate every single part of client’s business under one roof, so that all aspects of client’s operations work in unison. It is specifically designed to automate operations of enterprises pertaining to Healthcare, Hospitality and Higher Education domain.

It’s about being efficient and about gaining a competitive edge. BestRaY-ERP gets you there efficiently. BestRaY-ERP is an integrated business management solution that offers the comprehensive assortment of capabilities needed to run your business in most effective fashion.

BestRaY-ERP enhances productivity and reduce inefficiencies, BestRaY-ERP provides all these functions you need to gain greater control over your operations and succeed in today’s competitive business environment all within one easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable solution. You have tools and information to maximize efficiency of your business processes. It helps you to enhance efficiencies on-time, forecast demands, reduce lead-times, and get more out of your money and control things better.

Products from our ERP Stable:
  • BestRaY-ERP (Healthcare)
  • BestRaY-ERP (Hospitality)
  • BestRaY-ERP (Higher Education)
Emerging Solutions (Online Retail Portals)
  • BestRaY has also developed Emerging Solutions like Online Retail Portals and Mobile-Apps development for Android and iOS environment.

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