Why EMR ?

My Web-EMR Care is an integrated Electronic Medical Records software where administrative, billing and patient records are all managed in one digital format. EMR software offers an affordable, secure and viable solution for many small to medium sized medical practices who have limited resources and, understandably, tighter budgets. Web based EMR software is executable and inexpensive.For one, the up front costs for implementing EMR software are much more cost effective and “cash-flow” friendly, without compromising EMR functionality or inter-operability. The Web based EMR resides on our network and is accessed via the Internet on the client's devices and equipment. The practice leases the software and network on a monthly or annual subscription basis from us. Due to the recent advancements in technology and the benefits associated with cloud-based technologies, most of the applications that were once based on client-server technology have been migrated to cloud technology. As a result, most of the recent implementations of EMR by small and mid-sized practices are based on cloud technology.

Through a secure, high-speed Internet connection, medical professionals and practices that implement web based EMR can gain 24/7 secure online access to EMR software that has the same level of functionality as that used by larger practices..

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